Check in/Check Out information

Dear Tenants: Below are important instructions for your stay to be followed when occupying the

Air Conditioning

Maximum efficiency is 74 degrees and your units should never be set below 70 degrees at any point in time. All doors and windows must remain closed while units are in use. Units are designed to allow a 15 degree differential from outside temperature and not abiding by this could cause them to freeze disrupting your comfort and vacation.


Setting should remain on medium after arrival. Please allow adequate time for the refrigerator to cool newly placed food and beverages (up to 24 hrs).

Cleaning and Maintenance

To avoid being held liable, all cleaning comments and or maintenance concerns that have been discovered must be reported within 24 hours of arrival. Please utilize the appropriate tab under guest information for this communication. We will do our best to resolve any concerns in a timely manner. A maintenance form can be provided at our office in lieu of reporting on our website.


Please check your grill before use. Make sure the grates are clean, drip pans are empty and it is not greasy inside. If it is not clean, call our office and we will send someone to clean it. Also, check your propane tank. If your tank is empty, bring the empty tank to our office, as we have replacement tanks for your use.

Check out time is no later than 10:00 AM.

Forfeiture of your security deposit may be the result of a late check out. All keys and permits must be returned to the office of Sandcastle Realty at the time of check out. ***If you have a keyless entry, and do not have permits to return to our office, kindly give us a call at 302-539-0525, to let us know you have vacated the premises.

Our office hours are 9 AM – 5 PM Monday through Saturday.

Our phone number is 302.539.0525 or  800.234.4283. If you have an emergency dial our number and press 9 (nine) to leave a message. Someone will be in touch shortly.

Sunday Check In

Our office is not open on Sunday’s.  Everything you need for your stay will be provided in a labeled check in bag inside of our lock box. This is located on the pillar across from our front door. Please call our office at 302.539.0525 the Thursday prior to your check in for our lock box combination.

Thank you for allowing Sandcastle Realty to assist in planning your vacation. We hope you enjoy your stay and look forward to seeing you year after year.

Check Out

Check out time is no later than 10:00 AM unless otherwise specified in your lease agreement on line 33.

Keys and parking permits must be returned to our office at departure. Once keys are returned to our office,
the property may not be occupied or re-entered for any reason. A key drop box is provided on the pillar in front of our office for departure outside of business hours.

Late check outs will be charged $50.00 from your
security deposit for each ½ hour past 10:00 AM.

Please note, it is especially important that all keys and parking permits are returned. Failure to return the quantity given and documented at check in will result in a $150 fee for each parking permit and a $25 fee for each key not returned.

We ask you to leave the premises in the same general condition as it was found. The following list is expected to be completed, if you are unable to do so there may be an additional cleaning fee applied to your security deposit.

  1. Carpets and floors should be broom swept, free of debris, food, and sand.
  2. Replace all bedspreads after removing the linens. If you have rented linens, place them back in the bag they arrived in (any accessible bag will do), and put them out where you found them for pick up
  3. Return all furnishings to their original positions.
  4. Double check all closets, dressers, etc., to make sure you have all of your personal belongings. A $25.00 retrieval fee will be charged for retrieving and/or returning personal items left on the property, in addition to postage.
  5. Grills are checked weekly and must be cleaned by tenants if used. You should expect a $65 grill cleaning fee if not cleaned before departure.
  6. Empty all contents from the refrigerator and freezer. Make sure both are free of spills.
  7. Dishes and cookware should be cleaned and put away, or in the dishwasher on a clean cycle.
  8. Counters , tabletops, and appliances should be wiped free of excess spills and smudges.
  9. Trash and recycling should be collected from the entire property and placed in their respective containers. Do NOT mix the trash with the recyclables.
  10. Premises must be vacated with windows and doors locked, cars and bikes removed, and the AC unit set on 75 degrees (after Oct. 1st, Heat at 60 degrees) by 10:00 AM.